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Theme parks


Theme parks

Lake Garda is without doubt the area in Italy at the highest concentration of amusement parks. In this section we present a brief description for each of the parks on Lake Garda.



Gardaland Amusement Park is the No 1 in Italy. Nestled on the scenic morainic hills of Lake Garda, every year presents new attractions and distinguishes itself by offering a great variety of amusement, attractions and theme villages.

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Movieland Park

The types of proposals, based largely on performances, engages the public in different time zones offering the possibility of the fruition of several attractions for children and other intended for a more adult audience. This is still a recent park, with some intrinsic limits derived from being a "work in progress", but already now the offer is satisfactory, presenting, among other things, at least 6 excellent attractions: "Magma 2", "Hollywood Tower", "Rambo", "Horror House", "U-571", "Terminator 5 d the game".

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Parco Natura Viva

The challenging role of the Parco Natura Viva has taken, which Center protection of animal species threatened with extinction, is as ambitious as inspiring. Today the institutional features of a modern Zoo embrace the conservation of biodiversity in several ways.
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Who is not familiar with Robin Hood and his exploits in the woods? Who has never dreamt of hovering in the air hanging from a liana like Tarzan in the jungle? Who has not been excited seeing films at the cinema of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones?
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Parco Sigurtà

Picturesque views, scenic, many varieties of flowers, all on an area that extends for 600,000 m2: it seems a corner of paradise, in reality it's much closer than you might believe.
A stone's throw from Lake Garda, in fact, lies the Park Garden Sigurtà, perfect fusion of a park (i.e. a woodland area characterized by tall trees) and a garden (i.e. a space delimited by flower beds where you grow flowers and ornamental plants).

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A modern water park just a few kilometres from Lake Garda: Cavaion Veronese is a nice town on the hill with a wonderful panoramic view over the Lake near Bardolino and Lazise.
The aquatic park Riovalli is equipped with water slides, pools, sunbathing areas, bar and pizzeria.

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